Gluten-free Apple Cider Donuts {Keto, Paleo}

I went apple picking this weekend, yes fall is still alive in the midst of quarantine. And some activities, are actually still safe to do. Its outside, we wore masks the whole time, and sanitized our hands before and after! We only touched what we were going to grab and didn't stay for very long-- a little in and out action. There are still some things you can do and maintain everyone's safety. Don't worry, we're not getting political on here. But, wear a mask it really saves lives!

Okay now on to donuts. I know I just posted my pumpkin donut recipe but I couldn't wait to share this one with you all. Plus, donuts are life so why not two recipes?

When we went to the apple orchard I got some donuts and they were absolutely magical. But my friend couldn't share because they contained gluten. Some people shy away from gluten for a variety of different reasons:

  1. They experience less bloat

  2. Various digestive illnesses, SIBO, Celiacs, IBS/IBD, PSC etc.

  3. They experience an intolerance symptom when eating gluten

Whatever the reason may be, I hear you. So I did a little research on some apple cider donut recipes before embarking on my own. I couldn't actually believe what I found.

They don't even contain APPLES! Say that again? Did you read that... there's hardly apples in there. It's like the pumpkin spice latte debacle, no actual pumpkin. I hate that! What I read was: apple cider extract or some actually had some apple cider vinegar.

No no, that's not happening here.

So I cut up on of the apples we picked, set it up on the stovetop with TONS of cinnamon and cinnamon sticks, turned it into some apple sauce (with some chunky pieces for texture) and added that into the batter. Now, THAT is what I call an apple cider donut.

I will also point out, I usually do not endorse removing peels from the apples (um FIBER-- if you can handle it!) but I just didn't want little pieces of peel in my donut.