Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies {Gluten-free}

If you don't live in the North East, consider yourself very lucky. A lot of us got pummeled with large amounts of snow fall and it just happened so fast. You would think after being here for 5+ years, I'd be use to this... but i'm not. I also just absolutely refuse to shovel, so I can't even consider myself a true "new englander" because those folks are the ultimate bad a$$es and can even pound a a large iced coffee while shoveling feet of wet snow.

Just because I don't shovel, doesn't mean I can't have the coffee part of the adventure, right?

It dawned on me on my second cup of coffee yesterday, that I should make an espresso-chocolate cookie. Think, chocolate chip cookie, but with a bitterness of cocoa powder, a bit of that smoke that comes from instant espresso powder, finished with the sweetness of chocolate chips. If you're guessing it's total fire-- you're right.

Did I mention that it is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and can be made paleo-friendly if desired!

Recipe Notes:

  • Gluten-free: this recipe is inherently gluten-free and appropriate for my GF Celiac's folks. It has not been tested with all purpose flour, wheat flour, etc. It has only been made with blanched almond flour (not coconut) therefore, I cannot guarantee consistency if you switch flours.

  • Paleo friends: I did write in a few paleo-friendly replacements here. You will need to swap out the butter 1:1 ratio (meaning, same amount) for melted coconut oil. All other ingredients are paleo friendly!

  • Silicon sheet vs parchment: Okay, I have a very strong opinion here. One I think parchment is incredibly wasteful, even though I have the recycled material I still think it's a waste. I do not use parchment in gluten-free baking, I feel very strongly about this and believe the silicon protects the cookies from burning in the oven. It's a great investment and you can find them for very cheap.