Easy Homemade Pizza Crust

picture of a breakfast pizza with homemade dough

Pizza crust is one of those recipes I never attempted. I thought it was so hard, I read recipe after recipe. I made some great crusts and then the next time I made the SAME recipe it would be as flat as a cracker... cue frustration and forever swearing off making pizza dough.

When I say I tried every recipe, I actually mean it. The infamous NYTimes Cooking recipe using 00 flour which was easy enough but I just couldn't source 00 flour and wanted to use only all-purpose-- what we all have in the pantry! Then I tried the cast iron recipe from Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Cookbook) which I do really like but it had a bit too much oil for me and although I LOVE crust-- it was a bit "too much" (Can't believe I said that". And the whole transfer in and out of the cast iron that is a raging 500 degrees F was just not happening anymore. If you're wondering, I've dropped about 3 pizzas through all this trial and error. Finally, I tried the Half Baked Harvest Pizza dough with beer and I liked the taste but felt a bit dry and not as airy to me.

So I decided, I was going to take a little bit from each recipe and make my own. Then I repeated the recipe almost 10 times now in a super humid apartment, super dry apartment, cold weather/summer weather (yes all of this matters to the humidity of your dough), and I've tried it with just about every beer (yes... even the best beer ever, Shipyard Pumpkinhead). The recipe NEVER failed me. It has never become "cracker thin" it always holds it's shape, it's incredibly easy to put into a regular 'ol baking sheet and no special equipment is required. Also, there is very minimal kneading (especially if you have a standing mixer).

I keep my pizza's really simple most days and only rarely do I go all out making my own sauce (usually a pesto), lots of toppings, etc. But if i'm being honest, it's usually store-bought marinara sauce, pre-shredded cheese, and some type of veggies on top! A girl's got things to do... and when i've already made the crust-- I feel like I can "cheat" on these.

My absolute favorite toppings are LOTS of veggies, I like super crispy crusts or soft crusts with crunchy garbanzo beans! (Basically... I like all pizza)

Mushroom, squash pizza