Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

Tahini Chocolate Cookies

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I love when items I have grown up with my whole life become the new "trendy" food item. Here lies the story of Tahini. We grew up eating tahini in all possible ways: on pitas, drizzled over salads, hummus (of course!), and we would always have tahini sesame cookies. They were on the lighter side of a dessert cookie. The tahini flavor is definitely a "toasty", "warm" feeling-- but definitely lighter in sweetness.

What is Tahini? Tahini is made of toasted, ground sesame seeds. It's almost like a "nut butter" but made from sesame seeds. The toasted seeds gives the tahini a warm, full-mouth feeling. It is usually liquid at room temp and separates oil + solids like organic peanut butter. It just needs a little stirring and it's back to life!

I buy Tahini in a squeezable bottle, I find it so much easier to use and way less mess! You can find tahini in tons of middle eastern markets, supermarkets, and I've even seen it at Trader Joes. Again, it acts as a good fat-based condiment for various wraps, sandwiches, hummus, etc. But guess what? It's delicious in COOKIES as well.

I make these cookies in small batches, mostly because I'm only cooking for one these days and not taking extra sweets to coworkers/neighbors. The recipe can be easily doubled to create a full dozen! there is an extra refrigeration step (~1 hour to overnight). The tahini adds an extra toasty feeling to the cookies. For this reason, I used raw walnut pieces vs. toasting them ahead of time. The extra toasting on the nuts was overpowering. I also cut down the sugar so if you are expecting a very sweet chocolate chip cookie-- you won't find it, but the chocolate chips add enough sweetness!


1/4 c. oil (grapeseed, coconut oil, or vegetable oil will do)

1/4 c. tahini

3 tbs. packed brown sugar