Spinach Chocolate Muffins {KID-FRIENDLY}

Growing up we were never really allowed to be picky eaters. We either ate what was on the dinner table or just went to bed hungry. After a few nights of going to bed trying to count sheep because you're so hungry you don't think you'll ever fall asleep, you better believe you'll eat whatever is put in front of you. I don't think that approach works with every kid but that's the best my parents did and honestly, I turned out great and have no pickiness (except olives, I absolutely refuse) and thankfully no allergies (except, water chestnuts which is a new thing and SUPER weird).

chocolate spinach muffin

But with some kiddos, you can't do that. You have to get creative and start hiding their veggies in their favorite foods--hell, I'd say its not always kiddos you have to do that. I know plenty adults that need their veggies hidden or they won't eat them. I don't have any kiddos myself, so I'm no "authority" in this manner. I did, however, use to nanny during college to have some extra spending money. The family hired me because I was a quirky young kid who loved nutrition and had such a fire and spunk (and so much energy!) I would cook their weekly meals and sometimes would come over for "date night" and put the kids to bed and do the whole bath time routine... oh and laundry, so much laundry.

The kids were adorable little rugrats! They were pretty well behaved, loved to read, were SUPER smart, and were actually very good eaters. The mom had read my blog (my old blog) and saw that I loved to experiment with foods, so she'd let me play around her amazing kitchen. As a college student, it was literally the dream kitchen! They had such a great philosophy about food, they always bought high quality ingredients either from a farmers market or local coop. They always tried out new recipes and were never afraid of something different.

Cue: Spinach Chocolate Muffins.

I used to use SO much spinach with them. Spinach oatmeal (oh yes, delicious!) and I'd always cook it down in their pasta casseroles. Spinach is amazing, the volume shrinks SO much when cooked down and you can get so many veggies in a small volume. But I wanted to really test out myself, I remember thinking hmmm.. I can make this spinach a dessert, I know I can. Usually a "sweet" spinach treat is either a smoothie bowl or smoothie. And I didn't want to do that, that wasn't their jam and that wasn't creative enough for me.

So I tried out these muffins, and I think I maybe made them 15 times before I finally graduated and left the family. Years later, the mom asked me for the recipe because the kids were craving it... yes, craving spinach. Dietitian score!

Spinach Chocolate Muffin