Lettuce Wraps with Sriracha Peanut Sauce {VEGAN}

​If you've been following my instagram recently you've likely come to terms with the fact that I've been posting TONS of vegetable-based foods. You also likely know why... it's because I'm officially a fan and subscriber of Misfits Market. Misfits Market takes fruits and vegetables that are a little unique, maybe too big or too small to be sold in the market and would otherwise be thrown away and SAVES them. By subscribing to them you receive a box of random fruits and vegetables at YOUR frequency speed. For example, first time I did it I got the small box and tried my hardest to finish it in 1 week. I couldn't, so I forgot to change the delivery date on box #2 and here it came again the next week. So I bunkered down and decided 'nope, I'm not going to eat out this week I'm just going to get creative with my misfits.'

My honest review is that I find it very fun to get a random box of stuff (sometimes how I feel when my Amazon subscription boxes show up, or when I get sent items from RD Ambassador programs-- more on that in a later post!). Misfits is no different than a CSA/Farmshare in the element of surprise, but there are clear differences. Farmshares tend to be more local because majority of them require you to pick up the box from a specific spot-- and I'm all about them local farmers! Second, Farmshares tend to change base on seasons, I'm sure Misfits does as well but I haven't had enough boxes to know for sure that the boxes are seasonal. The other big difference to me is that Misfits forces me to eat my haul very fast, because everything given is either peak ripeness, has a small soft spot or very ripened spot, or is a little "funky"-- think extra large zucchinis, misshaped bell peppers, and some bright red spotted avocados. While the Farmshare veggies can likely last in your fridge for up to two weeks, I don't really see that being the fait of your Misfits box. So eat fast!

Here is my haul from last week:

I got, green onions, lettuce, massive English cucumbers, zucchini, sweet potato as big as my face-- literally, citrus, apples, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, onion (also as big as my face), broccoli, and cabbage!