Accountability Coaching

Accountability Coaching


Did you know, studiwes show that those who track their foods keep their weight loss off longer? Or, that those who track and are held accountable have better long-term success? Let me be your accountability partner! With this 1-month accountability service, you will have the freedom to use a meal-tracking app of YOUR CHOSING. I am not sponsored nor affiliated with any specific meal tracking website/apps. The photos above are sample photos and are not intended to endorse any specific application over another. For example, popular meal tracking applications include: MyFitnessPal, MyPlate, Lose It!, and various step-trackers have build in sections for you to upload the food you ate. 



Included in this package:

  • 15-minute consultation (phone call)
  • 14 days of accountability, via daily check-ins (text/email--your choice!) 
    • These check-ins are brief, the may be in the form of approving your meals for that day or talking about potential changes/pitfalls that may have halted your health goal based on your tracking log. 
    • You will use the application/tracking method of YOUR choosing. The only requirement is that the application you use has to be able to track calories, protein, fat, and water consumption. If you need suggestions on which app to choose, type "meal tracker" into your app stores (google, android, apple, etc.). Download 1-2 and figure out the one that works best/most userfriendly to you! 
  • Two 10-minute check-ins (phone calls-- prefereably at the end of week or when you get ready for the next week), these are so important! Not only can we talk about how the previous week went, but we can work together to plan ahead for any upcoming events that make tracking difficult i.e., date night, Super Bowl Sunday, BBQs, Birthday parties, etc. 



It is your responsibility to submit your diary logs no later than 8pm that evening. This will also help "train" you to stop eating early in the evening and have some "fasting time" before bed. The daily check-ins (text/email) will be provided to you within 1-2 hours of the 8pm deadline. If your logs are not submitted, a check in will still be provided but mostly to see why you didn't track, what may have come up that day, and how we are going to make sure that we track the next day! 


This package is great for those who "know what they need to eat" but they need to just "do it". Yes, I hear you! The introductory mini consultation allows me to get a sense for what you are looking for from me as an accountability coach. It also provides an opportunity for you to have a quick screening by a Registered Dietitian. My hope is that this short-term plan will help promote healthy eating habit that you will feel confident in continuing after the14-days are over.


Physical activity accountability/tracking is not going to be assessed in this package. This is only for meals and beverages only. 


    Packages must be paid upfront. If appointments canceled <48 hours, full fee will be charged. You may reschedule our appointment up until this time with no penalty.

    Individualized counseling is dependent on a variety of factors. Although my services are customized to your health goals, I cannot guarantee the results you desire or a timeframe as health is a long-term journey. For this reason, there are no refunds on any of the packages. If you feel you have purchased a package in error, please email me: 


    After scheduling your call you will receive an invoice from PayPal to the email you used to sign up. Payment must be received in full 48 hours before first counseling session (not 15min free exploratory call).